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Western North Carolina has always been a place that attracts people who march to the beat of their own drum. It’s not just artists and musicians (though there are plenty of them around here), but people who want to create something that’s o...

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Finding Your Weird

Summer is Western North Carolina is difficult to beat. With the mountains in full bloom and fresh produce available at farmers markets or more improvised stands along the side of the road, summer is when its easiest to appreciate just how majes...

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Manifesting Mountains

Folks at Mystery Hill between Blowing Rock and Boone might say there’s something supernatural to it, while bigfoot hunters might say there’s something paranormal going on, but it undeniable that there is a draw to Western North Carolina. Of...

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The Milli Vanilli Moment

Believe it or not, the first album that Tom ever bought as a kid was Milli Vanilli—on cassette. One would be hard-pressed to find a band that has more empty musical calories than the spandex-wearing duo of lip-synchers Rob & Fab, but what...

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Crossing the River

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus long ago observed that no person steps into the same river twice. It doesn’t matter if it’s a river in Greece or the French Broad—the drops of water that make up that river are going to have come from a di...

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Look Out for Angels

On the east coast of Africa, there is a Swahili saying: “Asiyekosea ni malaika.” The rough translation of this adage is “Whoever doesn’t make a mistake is an angel.” In other words, people are flawed. They make mistakes. That means yo...

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Abundance, Your Distant Cousin

Abundance, Your Distant Cousin Now that the summer is here, it is officially grilling season. It means the smell of wood smoke and charcoal wafting through neighborhoods, cold beers, and lots of family—especially extended family. Most of the...

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The Importance of Being “A Little Crazy”

“You have to be very brave and a little crazy to move,” says Tom Cure, part-time psychologist and Owner and Broker in Charge of LandCrazy. “You have to be honest to leave.” Being Brave As a Broker who has worked in Western North Car...

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Making A Beautiful Sausage

It’s often said that no one wants to see or know how the sausage gets made. With actual sausage, there is certainly some truth to that, but we’re not talking sausage today; we’re talking Western North Carolina real estate. Over the past f...

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Zen and the Art of Digital Marketing

In previous posts, we’ve discussed some of the ingredients that go into successfully marketing a piece of property. So far, we’ve touched on the importance of strong ad copy, great pictures, and staging that puts properties in their best li...

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