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Different types of Farmland for Sale near Asheville

What You Need to Know about Farmland for Sale
These rollin’ hills are speckled with the intermittent large-scale operations in the flatlands, but the vast majority of agriculture in this region is dominated by small farms and homesteads of just a few acres. Therefore, the search for farmland for sale around Asheville gets broken into more concentrated searches. Larger, commercial produce farmland requires a predominantly flat landscape that is quite uncommon in this region except for Henderson County. Cattle ranchers will have some rolling hills, so there are a few beef operations in this neck of the woods. Finally, because of its unique geography, WNC hosts a few niche markets like timber and Christmas tree farming, so occasionally you will come across commercial farmland for sale that stipulates a particular crop or management strategy. All of the inquiries into these properties can boil down to one business question: how many acres of this farmland can yield a profit?

Quality of Life – Why Buyers Love Farmland for Sale Near Asheville
Conversely, homestead seekers will certainly factor in water access, soil quality and other pragmatic aspects of a property, but they will also pay close attention to their intuition. They choose the area because they want access to the ideal environment and perhaps the amenities of Asheville and its surrounding cultural hubs. The size and nature of the property are largely for subsistence farming and permaculture land management. The type of farmland homesteaders are looking for can be identified via their own expertise, a vision for what they want to achieve on this land, and an instinctive reaction.

Why There is Not Much Farmland for Sale near Asheville
Brokers have access to a national database of land for sale known as the Multiple Listing System (MLS). Unfortunately, farmland does not typically make it into the MLS for a variety of reasons. Commercial farms are often quiet about a transition in their business until absolutely necessary, or simply do not want to put their property on the market. Land brokers and other farmers may circulate the news privately before making it public knowledge. Given this trend, although farmland for sale near Asheville is rare, it is even more elusive because of nature by which it is often sold. The bottom line is you gotta have an “in” with the right people. Lucky for you, we are those people.

How to Find Farmland for Sale near Asheville
Twenty-five years of combined experience in the real estate industry does not just create the experience, but relationships as well (which is arguably the most important and enjoyable aspect of our work). Brokers know folks who are thinking of retiring in Florida or sellers who say, “Hey, I don’t necessarily want to advertise this, but I’m starting to consider selling. If you know of someone who would be a good steward, send them my way.”

In addition to building a relationship with your land brokers, if you sign up through Prospect Manager on Land Crazy, you can save your search and our system will automatically send you new listings. This way, you have both the machine and the broker working for you at the same time. To learn more about Asheville real estate, farmland for sale, and more contact Land Crazy today!

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