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Building a Home? How to Choose the Right North Carolina Land

When building a new home, it’s best to pick out your land before your building structure. This article will pair styles of homes with land types to help you search for your ideal land in North Carolina.

Land for Vacation Homes in North Carolina
Buyers looking for land for a vacation home typically seek property built into the mountainsides. These are the locations with dynamic topography and outstanding views for which Western North Carolina is famous. Quite different than the flat grids of suburbia, your nearest neighbors may be over the next holler and your backyard a forest. North Carolina land set into the mountains is most often capped by an A-frame, timber frame or log home – all three of which are art forms in and of themselves either by their architecture or the views the offer, providing a rustic and feel to complement their natural setting.

North Carolina Land for Homesteads
With its rich soil and biodiversity, Western North Carolina offers the ideal environment for maintaining a self-sustaining lifestyle. Buyers will be looking for southern sun for maximum exposure, a water source for animals, gardens, and the family, and some level land for either gardening or fencing their livestock. Water access empowers residents to become completely self-reliant for those who want to remove themselves from the grid entirely or prepare for the zombie apocalypse. North Carolina land buyers in this category are more and more frequently collaborating with local alternative construction companies to erect homes made of hemp, cord, mud, and other natural elements to reduce their environmental impact.

A Word of Advice for all North Carolina Land Buyers
Even after you fall in love with the land, it is crucial to follow up with due diligence. Get a survey of the land, which will confirm the perimeter of your property. You wouldn’t buy pants that you knew were tailored too short or a ham sandwich with a bite out of the middle. Same concept (and although we will do our best to get you a good deal, this investment will be a bit heftier than that of a nice pair of slacks). Similarly, you should conduct septic and power access evaluations, and consider building access issues (such as grading or a culvert for creek crossings) – it’s important to know what your building investment and hurdles will be. Whether you’re buying North Carolina land for a homestead, a vacation home, or even a petting zoo, the most important piece of advice is that which you’ve been telling your kids for years: do your homework! If you have questions about the process for any of these evaluations, the brokers at are here to help.

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