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Success Planning with Land Crazy in 2022

As we enter into the brand New Year we want to begin to share with you our secret formula. Shhh, don’t tell anybody because it’s not rocket science. Anybody can do it but so is losing weight. It’s a concept that seems to be too easy but not everyone can do it. At LandCrazy we operate more like a coffee shop than a restaurant. In a restaurant, it’s more of a get-in get-out in order for the operation to make money.

Coffee Shop Vs. Restaurant

The faster they move clients through the restaurant the quicker they can close out a sale and move to the next one. In a coffee shop, you aren’t rushed through as quickly. It’s more of a leisurely pace. This is the type of brokerage we are. We understand the pace and time it takes as well as the effort that is needed to get you the right buyer at the right price. It’s typically less of a rushed process than selling small lot residential.

When a seller has a farm or estate they are going to hit a wall deciding to list with a residential or land specialist Broker. In order to understand this, land sales are in their unique category. The service you get from a residential specialist is not necessarily the service that you may need. At LandCrazy we know how to represent you and your property in the best way possible. Here is one of the variables in our formula that makes all of the difference.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

The first variable is all about pictures. You are allowed 48 pictures on the MLS listing. Typically you get 1-5 on average with, “bless your heart” residential brokers. It’s unimaginative to only have that low of pictures to represent your property. If it was a residential property there would be 48 professional photos. It’s not the residential Broker’s specialty to represent land. This is why we are different. We understand how to market land. Our goal is to get the maximum pictures on the property. After all, what’s a picture worth? A thousand words right? If you only have a few pictures with low-quality resolution you are not going to attract the right buyers for your property.

We want to spark the explorer in a sea of uninspiring properties. We’re looking for Edmond Hilary, or Homer in our clients. The way we spark the imagination and get the conversation flowing is through those 48 pictures. We want to evoke something in the buyer that tugs at their heartstrings when they see your property. Unfortunately, there are too many residential Brokers who do not know any better to market the land appropriately. We have years of experience specializing in land and understand how to represent your property and shine a light on areas that others may overlook.

Why we are different from other brokerages

What this does is it separate us from other brokerages. When the right buyer stumbles on a properly marketed property it’s going to stand out. It’s going from black and white low resolution to HD 4k quality upgrade…From dial-up to 5G. We think you get the point here. At the end of the day, it can make a world of difference. Pictures can either make or break if your property sells. We have the imagination, experience, and strategy to make the photos tell your property’s unique story.

Let us become your Partners this year and get your property sold for the value we believe you deserve! Give us a call today and see how we are different from the rest. Let us represent you and showcase your property in the best way possible. Stay tuned on our future blog posts as we share our other recipes for making your property stand out!

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