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Large Tracts of NC Land Available Near beautiful Asheville, NC

How do I Know What Size to Look for When Scoping out NC Land?
Investors look for large tracts of NC land with a closer eye on the value of the land than the size, because how you want to use the land will determine the right size for you. Are you starting a cattle farm with 200 acres, or hobby farm with eight; are you looking to invest in land banking, or hoping to create a small homestead for your family? Depending on your interest, the true value is in the topography, the soil fertility, the stability to hold up infrastructures, access, exposure, and other such denominators. The next question is how long you’d like to sit on this land: are you going to flip it to a developer or an end user, or do you want to sit on it for a few years or a few generations, even? Talk to your broker about your long-term goals to help determine what the right size of NC land for your vision.

What kind of large NC land tracts are available around Asheville?
Surprisingly, there are quite a few NC land tracts up for grabs around Asheville, many within Buncombe County. Larger tracts are rare – you’ve got protected forest in Haywood County with Smokey Mountain National Park, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find acreage that doesn’t require craning your neck back to see the top. (Those rolling blue ridges are great for views, but often present quite a challenge for development.) That being said, read on to see how the market is changing in favor of those pursuing the elusive large NC land tract.

What’s the average size of land tracts I can buy around Asheville, NC?
Twenty to fifty acres was the average size of NC land sold by Land Crazy in 2012. Larger land tract owners, those with one hundred or even four hundred acres, are just now starting to jump back into the market. Most large land proprietors in NC own their property free and clear, and their real estate wasn’t as directly impacted when the market crashed. Now, as they are seeing the market bounce back, the brokers at Land Crazy are seeing a lot of large tracts of NC land come through at upwards of fifty to one hundred acres, and some even larger.

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