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A Land Crazy Biking Adventure: Touring the Rural Land of Appalachia along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Co-owners of Land Crazy, siblings and now Blue Ridge biking mavens (of the huffing and puffing and not the vroom vroom category), Jackie and Tom Cure spent a week cycling through the rural land on Appalachia’s most infamous thoroughfare. Here is Jackie’s first-hand tale of the adventure:

Why Did You Plan this Bike Trip through Rural Land in VA and NC?

Biking the Blue Ridge Parkway is a bucket list route for most cyclists and a trip that I have been planning for years. When I finally committed to the trip, I was getting my bike tuned up at Hearn’s bike shop in Asheville and the repairman suggested checking out Trips For Kids WNC as a charitable cause for the expedition. The nonprofit is dedicated to providing kids mountain bike outings and environmental education who would not otherwise be exposed to such opportunities. The chance to bike AND fundraise for the organization totally threw the enthusiasm for the trip into high gear. Tom joined me in the venture, and our brother, Jorge, offered to SAG the trip (Support and Gear in biking lingo – he drove the whole way and would greet us after a tough 30 mile climb with “liquid mind” blasting out of the back of the Tahoe on Pandora Radio and pillows and water at the ready.)

We raised $1015 for Trips for Kids WNC by biking 469 miles of the Parkway from Waynesboro, Virginia to Cherokee, North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Parkway is truly one of our greatest national treasures. It was clean, well maintained, and every traveler was respectful through rain, fog, and sunshine. And the scenery was amazing: the rolling mountains were blue every single day, re-inspiring us by the moment for the rural land, the wilderness and the beauty of this region we get to call home.

There’s Somethin’ Magical about them Rollin’ Hills and that Rural Land
We’ve got a deep sense of accomplishment on a personal and philanthropic level for seeing this project through from start to finish. But the journey itself provided spiritual rejuvenation and reaffirmed (not that there was ever any doubt) our investment in preserving the magic of North Carolina’s rural land. We live in the oldest mountain range in the world; and being totally immersed in this daily scenery, we often forget to soak in its majesty. But something truly magical settles into the hearts of the people drive up through the mist for the first time and decide to call this place home. Our clients can immediately envision a rural homestead on their own plot of land – there’s nowhere else they’d rather live. The trip provided an eight-day concentration of that magic and deepened our appreciation and love for this region.

How Being a Biking Broker has Transformed us as Rural Land Real Estate Agents
If anything, the trip made Tom and me that much more certain of our task. This is not an ordinary real estate company – Land Crazy is named for brokers who are truly connected on a professional and spiritual level to the rural land. We got into this business to help folks who are equally Land Crazy find their dream property.

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