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How Contra Dancing Relates To The Real Estate Process

Have you ever heard of a contra dance? It’s a folk dance, Tom, Broker in Charge enjoys participating in. Tom discusses the complexity of contra dance to the real estate process. The dance is intimidating in the beginning but after going through the process a few times it becomes an enjoyable activity. Similar to real estate, it can be an overwhelming feeling to get prepared to list a property or search for the perfect dream property. But if you work with our team it can become a wonderful experience. Shall we begin?

Contra Dance Origins

To understand contra dancing we have to go back to its origins. Contra dance began in post-Renaissance Europe. It was a social gathering that the whole community was involved in. In the dance, you are not assigned to one partner. Instead, it involves two long lines of male and female dancers who move up the line during the dance, and eventually, everyone gets a chance to dance with each other.

Contra dance is set up by a caller who calls out short dancing sequences between 6 and 12 figures. First, the sequence will be used in a dance that starts and goes through 64 of its beats. Then the dancers execute their figures and slowly change their partner up and down the line. Lastly, at the end of the 64 sequence, dancers repeat dancing forms from the start and continue through the dance without stopping. Click on the image below to see how the dance plays out.

Contra Dancing in Asheville

An Uncomfortable Experience Initially

When Tom first started dancing it was awkward and new. He recalls stepping on a lot of toes. However, he has learned to become a better dancer from the initial experience. For instance, in a lot of ways, this relates to teaching and guiding his clients to a process that can be scary. This process of real estate… There’s a specific timing and rhythm to it all. In a contra dance, you are paired with multiple partners throughout the process. As a result, the more practice you gain the better you become at dancing.

“The movement of the dance will flow and become a fun and transformative experience. If you allow yourselves to do that and move through the dance or process it can become a rewarding experience”, Tom says. For example, there’s a segment of the dance called balance and swing. Throughout the dance, there’s a coordinator (caller) who helps guide dancers through the class. It can be a lot of fun to find that balance. Therefore this can be compared to the relationship between the Broker and seller. Once the balance is established you can feel more at ease because you are going through the motions of what you’ve already learned and experienced.

Getting The Right Balance

When that balance is perfect you’ll feel it when looking at a property. Looking at multiple properties can be related to the multiple couples you dance with. You’ll find that one of the dancers will be more comfortable and have the best connection at the end of the dance. With enough time the relationship between buyer, seller, and Broker will develop into something that feels right and is successful in the end. You learn something about yourself from each dance or each property viewed and you’re going to find the right balance and swing or property.

If you are interested in learning more about the dance there is a popular spot where Tom was taught. It’s at the Old Farmer’s Ball in Asheville. It’s been around for 30 years. “They have a wonderful teaching spirit there which is a great place to learn the ropes”, Tom says. To do something new can be scary, uncomfortable, and vulnerable.
The initial apprehensiveness of the unknown is all real emotions people have. In a lot of ways, we have the same contra dancing ideals in LandCrazy. Because we can help you manage your fears.

LandCrazy Has The Teaching Spirit

It’s that idea of the teaching spirit of inviting new people to come in. It’s exciting to learn something new and be welcomed into a new community. Our company isn’t built in a stuffy corporate structure. We’re real people who are passionate about what we do. We want to help you, become your advisor and friend, and teach you something new along the way. So when you’re ready to dance with us we will welcome you with open arms!

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