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Homesteads and Microfarms Sustain the Rural Land of Western North Carolina

Much of Western North Carolina’s rural land is used for traditional permaculture and subsistence farming. The region’s dense forests, flowing creeks and underground springs, diverse flora and fauna, and rich soil provide all of the basic necessities for those who want to create a self-sustaining homestead. Despite the ideal growing conditions, conventional farming is limited in the rural regions by the land’s mountainous topography. This gives local, small-scale growers the advantage to buying smaller plots of land for animal husbandry and diverse harvests.

Rural Land Seeks Microfarmers in Western North Carolina
Homesteaders and micro-farmers are flocking to the region to scoop up the valuable rural land in these here hills. While many small-scale producers come in with a vision, they understand that their role is to be stewards of the rural land, responsibly managing its resources and extracting a tax subsistence in return. Therefore, although their vision is important, they acknowledge that deep listening skills are needed to find out and oblige the land’s needs. Micro farmers know that this is just as important for long-term sustainability and profitability as a strong work ethic and a green thumb.

Microfarmers Support the Local Economy and Enrich the Rural Land
The people who take up this important work are providing an essential and multi-faceted service to the Western North Carolina’s rural land and people. They empower consumers to invest in local produce, cheeses, meat, eggs, and baked goods. They create a strong community around their work – building traffic at tailgate markets, community through CSA shares, and supply chains through many of the area’s fabulous farm-to-table restaurants. Those who work homesteads demand very little from commercial resources and often offer permaculture workshops to the community, such as building cob stoves, food preservation techniques, and harvesting wild edibles.

Land Crazy Supports the Stewards of WNC’s Rural Land
We at Land Crazy have a deep respect for those who truly listen to the land. We sell a rural property to micro-farmers and homesteaders with the appreciation for their enrichment of local communities, local economies, and the region’s sustainability. If you are a micro-farmer, or perhaps a banker who is returning to an instinctual inclination towards dairy goats, we would be happy to help you explore your vision and find the perfect plot of rural land in Western North Carolina.

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