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How to Evaluate NC Mountain Properties – Where to Buy in WNC

So you’ve been winding your way through the hills and valleys looking at NC mountain properties. You’re looking for the land where you step out of the car and say “this is the one I’ve been waiting for.” How do you go about finding the one? We can assure you that with the right agent and procedure, it’s a great deal easier (and less awkward) than online dating. Following this method, you’ll be well on your way to clinking glasses and be praising your good fortune as you stand on your new NC mountain property.

The Importance of the Community amidst NC Mountain Properties
By now you’ve narrowed it down to properties in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Smart start – it’s lovely here. But beyond that, you’ve got quite a few microcosms tucked into these mountains, so you need to ask what sort of community and lifestyle you’re looking for. Are you looking to be closer to art galleries or national parks? Do you cycle, hunt, fish, or kayak, and are you looking for others to join you? Once you assert the parameters of your interests, it will be much easier to find your match.

For example, unlike the year-round town of Hendersonville, Lake Lure is a vacation destination – packed in the summers and relatively vacant in the off-season. Waynesville is a predominantly an artists’ and retirement community; while Marshall, on the other hand, has a strong core of farmers.

We are social beings, so it’s important to find a community that resonates with you to narrow down your search. The brokers at LandCrazy are experts in these community dynamics and will help you sort out an ideal fit (or two) before you ever set out to look at NC mountain properties.

Narrowing Down Your NC Mountain Properties
Once you know what region or regions in which you’d like to concentrate, you can start driving around to familiarize yourself with the area; choose your top ten NC mountain properties to narrow down your options from there. While this may take some time, you’re also investing in your own education about topography, views, restrictions, water access, and the market itself. With the support of your agent, you can compare properties based on these factors to gain a stronger understanding of your needs. For more information about what questions to ask based on the home, you want to build, see the blog entry entitled “Buying a home? How to Choose the Right North Carolina Land.”

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