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Why it’s Best to Have an Agent Help You Purchase Rural Property

Benefits from Working with a Rural Property Broker as Opposed to Hunting Solo
When you’re shopping for rural property, you’re absorbing a great deal of information and opportunities all at once. Having someone who can help you process everything is crucial to making the right decision (and maintaining your sanity). With over eighteen years of experience, Land Crazy brokers have made it their profession to connect buyers with rural property based on a variety of factors like market value, topography, soil, land access and usability. While most buyers have a general sense of what they’re looking for, it’s so helpful to have an expert by your side, especially one who’s invested in the land, invested in your happiness, and knows the landscape inside and out.

An Agent Will Help You from Start to Close on Your new Rural Property
The real estate process involves so much more than just finding the property. Certainly, it’s a lifesaver to have an agent maneuver the rural mountain roads and support you in the hunt. But once you find the ideal space, you’ve just begun the dizzy labyrinth of bureaucracy. Real estate, especially in negotiating rural property, necessitates a slew of surveys, inspections, appraisals and every other synonym for due diligence you want to throw in there – each with their own inspector and process. It’s not futile – it’s not endless – especially when you have a real estate agent who will walk you through all of the necessary steps from that first gasp of “This is the one!” to pop the champagne bottle at the closing.

How do I Find the Right Rural Property Broker?
A buyer needs to listen to the brokers’ language and style. Are they talking slopes, aerials, and grades; or are they more focused on square footage and windows? Are they in heels or hiking boots? Very few brokers want to sell land; and in Western North Carolina, you’ll find that most brokers refer people to Land Crazy for rural property sales. Land Crazy has a reputation for knowing the land intimately and loving it (just check out their footwear). With their established reputation and connections, they can often show rural property that isn’t even formally on the market. Your dream property may be waiting for you; you just need to share your vision with Land Crazy and let them bring you two together.

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